Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Fake Cure for Preeclampsia/HELLP

Today, I was reviewing my personal blog's site meter. I often read the referring URLs to see how someone happened upon my blog. Readers often find my blog using Google, which happens to own Blogger where I blog, and this blog is hosted. Since Google now includes its blogspot sites in searches, someone happened upon my blog by entering these search words:

HELLP pre eclampsia

In the results which Google brought back with those search words, I found a fraud, fake, incredible lie, untruth, falsehood...whatever you want to call it. There in the results was a blog, which is hosted by Wordpress, which purports to have a diet which prevents preeclampsia or HELLP. I refuse to name that blog here, which doesn't deserve to exist.

I serves to prey on women who are dealing with a serious medical condition and are feeling distraught and upset at what is happening or has happened to them. Preeclampsia and HELLP have no cure.

Delivery of the baby begins the process of stopping the progression of the symptoms, but there is no cure. Magnesium sulfate helps, but there is nothing you can eat or not eat which stops it. There is no proven, medical research that has a cure.

When it happens, it will be the biggest breakthrough in obstetrics and gynecology. It will make the national news. It will be celebrated by ALL preeclampsia/HELLP survivors.


Keith & Sarah Milligan said...

Was it Blue Ribbon Baby by chance? The site about the Brewer diet? Ugh. The diet itself is not bad but it won't do a thing for real pre-eclampsia.


Aidan's mom said...

UGH...I hate the whole Brewer's Diet cure-all movement. Puh-leeze. I had Class I HELLP syndrome almost certainly brought on by my undiagnosed clotting disorder.

I was, quite seriously, in the shape of a trained athlete both before and during my pregnancy. My resting heart rate was in the low 60's. I ate a wonderfully balanced diet, with a lot of protein. In fact, it looked a lot like the "diet."

Yet I still suffered early onset pre-e/PIH at 24 weeks and HELLP at 28 weeks necessitating delivery of my son.

What a joke! I wish these people would go find somebody else to guilt.

Mindy said...

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