Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Welcome to the PE Survivors Blog

Preeclampsia Survivors is proud to announce our newest addition to the preeclampsia community: our blog


Some of you may know about blogs, and others may not. So, here goes. A blog is a website where entries are made in journal style. A typical blog combines text, images, and links to other blogs, web pages, and other media related to its topic. The term "blog" is a contraction of "Web log." "Blog" can also be used as a verb, meaning to maintain or add content to a blog.

So why did we decide to create a blog? Well, there are many reasons, but our first priority is to find other preeclampsia survivors in cyberspace and help them to feel less alone. This leads to our blog’s theme which is “a beacon of light in the storm of preeclampsia and beyond.”

Since most of us have experienced how preeclampsia can be such an isolating experience, our blog will be a place of support, hope, and information. While we are not medical experts, we can share our experience and provide support to one another. We do this everyday on this discussion board, but we’d like to reach out to more preeclampsia survivors in the blogging community. I personally have found many other bloggers who have suffered from preeclampsia, which is what inspired the idea for this blog.

Our blog will be a permanent place of information. It is easily searchable, and topics can be categorized. For example, there is already a place on the blog for preeclampsia stories. The blog will not replace our discussion board though. It is and always will be a place to come and support one another on a day-to-day basis.

Our blog is now registered on various blog search engines, and we’ve included an option for individuals to sign up for a subscription service which notifies them when the blog is updated.

Finally, you may be wondering how you can participate in our blog. Well, you can:
* Read posts
* Leave comments regarding posts
* Tell others about the blog
* Share your experiences by contributing content to the blog
* Provide feedback on the blog
* Post links to the blog on your personal web pages

As our blog coordinator, I invite you to ask any questions about the blog by email at pesurvivorsATgmailDOTcom

I’d love to post your stories or enable you with the ability to post your own content to this blog. We’d love to have regular bloggers posting on our blog. Let me know if that is something in which you’d be interested. With time, our blog will grow and the information will become more abundant. I guess you could say our blog is in its infancy right now. If we nurture it carefully, it will be a place of hope and inspiration to people affected by preeclampsia.

Thanks in advance for helping us to make this a success.

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